Clarins Lip Comfort Oil – WHY?!

OK, before I start, let me tell you that the product I’m about to make a review on is limited edition and it’s probably going to be tricky to acquire by now.

Wonk wonk wonk..

I contemplated on whether I should write about it or not, back and forth. It’s rather fruitless but I feel that this product worth a spot in

So here it is, Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 01 Honey.


Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil was a part of the brand’s Garden Escape Spring 2015 Collection. It came in two version: 01 Honey and 02 Raspberry (an online exclusive). The collection launched in February 2015 and the news traveled that this particular product sells out almost immediately.

I can see why.

Let’s discuss about that très chic packaging first. It’s undeniably sophisticated with its gold cap and clear glass-like acrylic that showcases the liquid-gold beauty. It has a rather large, paddle-shaped sponge/cushion applicator that covers the lips in almost no time at all. The whole thing feels very compact, easy to carry around and sure looks demure on any vanity table.


Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is billed to have a makeup-skincare function with a fusion formula of active plant-based ingredients that nourishes and soothes the lips. The formula itself is inspired by Clarins‘ face and body oils. The extra charm is the beautiful shine it leaves.

Aside from fatty acids, the lip oil is also enriched with (taken from the web):

– Hazelnut oil: nourishes, plumps and softens the lips.
– Organic jojoba oil: nourishes, adds a silky sheen to the skin without feeling greasy and soothes the lips whilst enhancing their natural beauty.
– Mirabelle oil (for honey shade): helps prevent dehydration and leaves the skin supple and satiny-smooth.
– Raspberry oil (for raspberry shade): nourishes, protects the lips from aging and possesses anti-oxidizing properties.

Although the description says it’s subtly fragranced, I find that the scent is pretty strong. It has a sweet-smell (I wouldn’t necessarily associate it with honey), not sickly, not obnoxious either. The scent lingers for quite a bit, I didn’t time exactly for how long, but I presume it’s less than 30 minutes. It doesn’t bother me; still within my limit parameter.

clarins-instant-light-lip-comfort-oil-honey-review-swatch-photos-3That giant paddle applicator.

The name might imply it’s an oil, but personally, I think it sits somewhere in between oil and lip gloss. It’s not too viscous or not too slippery like an oil would. Not greasy at all. I will be honest that it is kind of sticky but not really, at least, not the annoying kind. It’s considerably to be lightweight, meaning, I can definitely feel it on my lips but it doesn’t make me want to wipe the whole thing off.

Upon wearing it further, I find that it envelops the lips beautifully. When I press and roll my lips together, I don’t find them sticking to each other. Of course when I touch it with my finger, it’s slightly tacky, but it’s not gloopy, if you know what I mean. I actually really like it because the stickiness makes the Lip Comfort Oil stays put for a lot longer than I thought it would be. Yes, it will wear off a little just by drinking, but I would already reaped all of the wonderful benefits by then. And whatever is left on the lips will still do its job, for hours.

It’s quite clear that I insisted on making the review because this product is GOOD. It’s very hydrating on my lips and I surely need it on a daily basis. It feels very nourishing and soothing. No pun intended, but gosh, this also feels very comforting. The initial glossy shine will take a few notches down after a while, leaving the finish just like wearing a lip balm. It’s a lifesaver when my lips are feeling flake-y and chappy. One even coat of the Lip Comfort Oil will rectify it right away. It smooths the lips, sinks and fills in the fine lines, creating one pair of healthy-looking lips.

The shade that I have, 01 Honey, looks like, well, honey. Despite having a color, it translates clear on my lips. It can be worn over a lipstick, but I never do it because I don’t want to contaminate the applicator AND the actual product inside with the color of my lipsticks. I suppose I could place some of the product on the back of my hand and apply it on top of the lipstick with my finger, but I imagine it to be a rather messy affair. I prefer and always wear this alone.


One of the other plus points that I like about Lip Comfort Oil is it indirectly exfoliates my lips as well. When there are dry bits on my lips and I don’t feel like scrubbing them because my lips are feeling a little too sensitive, I will just apply this as usual, and in a few hours, those dry bits can be picked up with ease. I never consent to lip-picking, but this doesn’t count because those bits just literally came off :p

I initially use Lip Comfort Oil for daytime. I work from home so most days, I don’t wear makeup. It has worked wonders on my lips. They just look flourished. So smooth, so supple and so plump (not overboard though). It performs exceptionally well in air-conditioned environment and I think this will be a staple during drier weather or winter. Not that I have winter in Indonesia, but I aim to have a variety of skincare for different conditions, just in case. Oh, this works beautiful when I’m on a flight. I hate it when the cabin pressure gets to my skin because it starts with my lips. Lip Comfort Oil is a workhorse for this situation.

A while ago, I started to use it on nighttime as well. I was a little reluctant at first because of my awful sleeping habit and I was afraid I might smear the product all over my pillow and face during the night. But I took it as a challenge and try to sleep on my back 80% of the night. I can report back that by the time I wake up, I can still feel Lip Comfort Oil on my lips. That sticky-slippy feel that I’ve grown to love a lot is there.

Too bad it’s limited edition so I do have to ration the use. I treat it as a lip treatment/pampering rather than a usual lip balm. I’d use it whenever I feel my lips are craving for hydration and overall nourishment. Considering I only use a little bit per use (as in I don’t have to double dip), this will last me for a good while though. So I’m still able to get a little indulgent and wearing it for a full week once in a while. Whoop whoop.


Awesome lip treatment.

I would love to try the 02 Raspberry and see whether there’s any discernible difference (aside from the tint) in the formula and results. Alas, it’s long gone. There are a few sold on Ebay, but for crazy shit marked up price. That’s a no-go.

Darn it, Clarins. Please bring Lip Comfort Oil back and make it permanent. You can’t just create such a fine product, have it to be limited and not letting the masses to enjoy the beauty of this.


EDITED: So Clarins make Lip Comfort Oil permanent now. In addition to Honey and Raspberry, there’s also another shade called Red Berry. Can we get a YAY!


  1. I found the raspberry at two stores near me, going to try it real soon. Read that raspberry oil apparently has an amazingly high SPF, to top off all the amazing qualities reviewers mention


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