The Reformulated Shiseido White Lucent Series

Years ago, when I first started my skincare journey, one of the first things I wanted to tackle was hyperpigmentation. I developed these dark spots during my younger days not wearing sunscreen and found out I am prone to it anyway thanks to my dad’s genes. I am also aware that they don’t go easily so I never hoped for anything miraculous. It’s a long term journey and I’m up for it.

The first skincare products that I tried that specifically target this issue is Shiseido White Lucent, the old one with the white and pale pink packaging. I used three products: the lotion, serum and emulsion. I used this set in the morning until I finished my second bottle of the serum. Not many knows but I don’t play much with my morning skincare routine. I usually stick with the same products over and over again with very few rotations. I keep the big guns at night, that’s why. But having a brightening set was something I always try to have in the routine and morning time is the perfect allocation for it. So after the old Shiseido White Lucent, I moved on to a different brand but with similar functions. Then after seeing results I figured I’d lay off and try the usual mash of different brands à la Kae.

Then suddenly, Shiseido revamped the whole thing.


When I heard the news Shiseido is reformulating the White Lucent line, I am naturally curious. They changed the packaging to bright pinks and sleeker shapes. Some of my blogger/influencer friends have tried it and say good things. I was invited to the event and given a set of the new products. I was really excited because I do kind of miss having a set of routine with brightening products from the same brand.

Just a heads up, since I only use them in the morning (except the Luminizing Infuser), I can’t really 100% credit the brightening results to them. But this review will be based on my experience on incorporating them in my routine as a whole for the past 5 months.

The one product that I have not tried is the MultiBright Night Cream. I don’t often use creams at night and I specifically place Shiseido White Lucent for morning routine. Eventually I might, and if I do I’ll update. But for now, I will talk about the three products below.

Another note, all three share a similar floral scent to them. I’m not bothered by it as it’s soft and not obnoxious but some may think otherwise. The scent dissipates quickly though.


Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Infuser.

This is basically a lotion/toner used after cleansing to balance and prep the skin for the next treatment. I initially wasn’t sure of the thicker texture. It’s still liquid but it’s more viscous then just regular watery toner. I use a cotton pad to apply this and find it works best rather than using finger tips. The liquid gets dispersed and absorbed better into the skin with the cotton pad. One and a half pump and swipe then patting it evenly over the skin.

It’s definitely my favorite product from the line. I actually believe this alone helps to make the skin looking brighter and clearer. I use it at nighttime as well so I notice the difference. It is also a fantastic hydrating toner to use on its own or after an exfoliating toner. Using it after an exfoliating toner is sort of like a doubling the effect. Luminizing Infuser is brightening on its own, but gentle unlike acids or other Japanese clear lotions in general and the hydrating quality is a major plus point which is why I can use it without the worry of over-exfoliating the skin. I remember the older formula being just like a normal clear lotion sans the hydration part. In the end I really like the more viscous texture as I feel it plumps the skin and making it more supple.

If I were to repurchase anything from the line, I’m dead set on this.


Shiseido White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector.

The next step after Luminizing Infuser is the serum. The translucent white liquid feels the same like the older formula. It’s thin and absorbs easily into the skin. I usually use one and a half pump and layer it thinly over the skin, then add what is left to more concerned areas where the spots are. I do like to layer it over my post-acne spots and I think it had helped fade them a little bit.

Here’s the thing, as I said, since I use the serum only in the morning, I can’t really judge how this works on its own. But when I started to use it constantly in the morning, I can see the overall skin becomes more even and less spotty. The visible spots become more blurry, especially the ones on my cheeks (because I always layered extra on that area).

There’s no way to test the length of its efficacy other than using the MicroTargeting Spot Corrector solely as my serum for day and night. But that’s not possible at the moment, probably never *HA*. However, I am comfortable in keep using it because the serum might help preventing the dark spots reappearing in the long run. It does say so in the description of the Shiseido White Lucent line. If any, that’s the main reason, as a preventive measures.


Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Surge.

Now this is quite a surprise because generally I’m not a fan of emulsions as they tend to be on the sticky, uncomfortable side. Luminizing Surge doesn’t feel like that. The watery milky white lotion is runny. At first I took a pump and that was way too much for the whole face. I only need half a pump for every use. Because of the runny lotion texture, I need to make sure that the product is absorbed properly into the skin and that could take a while, especially if I use too much.

This serves as a moisturizer during the day and since this doesn’t contain SPF, I use a separate one afterwards. I usually waited for about 5 minutes before applying the sunscreen. I don’t have much to say other than this completes the Shiseido White Lucent day regime. If you already buy the toner and serum, you might as well take this one as well. I like it for its lightweight texture, offers enough hydration and gives out a soft luminosity. It’s a great one to use in humid places such as Jakarta. I never suffer any adverse reactions so I will keep using it until it runs out.


If you’re looking for a brightening skincare routine and don’t want to bother searching or trying different products, I think Shiseido White Lucent is worth the try. The prices are reasonable compared to some others. Plus it’s easily accessible in the local market. Just make sure your skin doesn’t suffer from acne as this will not take care of it. If any, it might aggravate the condition.

Just like any Japanese brightening lineups, I do believe that Shiseido White Lucent will work even better when you use the products together, day and night. They work synergistically with one another as they do share similar core ingredients/technology and boosts one another. But don’t expect fast results though as in my previous experiences, it might take two bottle of serums before seeing any visible, meaningful results.

Then again, rewarding results takes (a long) time.


Disclaimer: the products were given to me by the brand. I am not sponsored or paid to do any kind of review on these. All opinions, good and bad, are 100% mine, as always.

Any Thoughts or Comments?

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