Peach Eyes with Purple Glitter Liner

I’m getting more and more encouraged to be more playful with my eye makeup lately. First and foremost, I’m not that skilled with it and secondly, I’m just too comfortable with my neutrals. Both combined, I’m stuck with one (or two) neutral eye shadows during a makeup routine. That being said, I can’t get my eyes off of the beautiful eye shadow offerings in multitude of shades. So, I (kinda) promised at myself that I will at least give a little more effort every now and then (more on the now), so I can justify the purchases of these more colorful items.

And here’s one of those efforts..

peach eyes-purple-liner-1


LoTW: Givenchy Le Rouge 313 Fruit Défendu

When there’s a chance of getting a bright lipstick, I’ll raise an eyebrow. When there’s a chance of getting another Givenchy Le Rouge, I’ll take it anytime of the day. Without a doubt, the formula is one of my all-time favorites. The color selection is STUNNING, perfect for me who like that punch of colors.

Presenting, my new addition to the collection, Givenchy Le Rouge #313 Fruit Défendu.