Warm Eyes with Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye Con No.3 – The Glam

Here I am, back again with yet another effort in jazzing up my eye makeup. I can honestly say I’m having quite a lot of fun experimenting. Nothing advanced though like a lot of people out there. Just something to push me a little bit more to the edge.

The eye shadows that I’ve been playing around with lately are from Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye Con No.3 – 108 The Glam; which I received during the brand’s official launch in Sephora Indonesia (thank you!).

Shall we take a look?



LoTW: BECCA Ultimate Matte Lip Colour Antoinette

Sometimes, just sometimes, the best purchases are the ones that we never planned. I think most of you might agree to this, don’t you?

Even better, when we get them at a bargain. Combining with the power of quick of Google-ing (for swatches and reviews) and hot-slashed prices, we got ourselves into one guilty-pleasure, impulse shopping.

Introducing, one of my ‘best’ purchases, BECCA Ultimate Matte Lip Colour Antoinette.